Wednesday 19 Jun 2024 01:27:49 IST
Azadi   Indian Handloom Brand

Benefits of India Handloom Brand

The India Handloom brand initiative is intended to bring the following benefits to various stakeholders of the handloom sector:


  • Handloom products with the premium India Handloom brand would be differentiated from other products in terms of quality.
  • Through the brand, the customer will be assured that the product quality is high because of proper texture, use of good quality yarns and dyeing with safe dyes which are free from banned amines.
  • Bulk buyers and exporters will be able to source quality branded fabrics as per their designs.
  • Weavers will be able to get bulk orders and higher wages by interacting directly with the market.
  • Weaver entrepreneurs and other manufacturers will take up production and marketing of quality handloom fabrics in bulk within and outside the country.
  • Ministry of Textiles will actively promote the brand through media campaigns to raise awareness among manufacturers as well as consumers and create demand for products with the India Handloom brand.

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